Cyber Attack Report #120988

24 Views - June 9th, 2024


The website with the domain address has been targeted in a hacking incident (defacing), where the hacker successfully gained unauthorized access to the website and altered its content. This incident raises concerns about website security and the potential impact on its reputation.

Archive Details:

  • Domain:
  • Date: 2024-06-09 21:04:46 (WIB)
  • Reason: Heh...just for fun!
  • PoC: Brute force attack

Website Details:

  • URLs:
  • System: Linux
  • Web Server: LiteSpeed
  • Location: [US]

Hacker Details:

Archive Page:


The defacing incident has cast a shadow on the reputation of and may potentially undermine user trust and credibility. Visitors to the website might find themselves taken aback or offended by the tampered content, resulting in a possible decrease in both traffic and revenue.

The website defacing incident at serves as a reminder of the ongoing cybersecurity challenges faced by organizations operating in the digital landscape. As cyber threats continue to evolve and grow in complexity, it's crucial for website owners to prioritize security and implement proactive measures to defend against potential attacks.

– DefacerID